Corsica 2014

In May 2014 I went on my second solo-sailing journey with AmaJuta that had stayed in a shipyard on Elba island/Italy from October 2013 till April 2014, waiting for being launched again after having surrounded Elba 2013


Elba - Capraia:


Capraia - Corsica/St. Florent:

For almost a week, there's wind forces of 8 Bf and even more.... no chance to leave the Golfe de Saint Florent but cruising around it and go on land for some hiking:

St. Florent - Ile Rousse - Calvi:

Jean Paul Corsini snap-shots: Juli & AmaJuta

Calvi - Scandola - Girolata - hiking Restonica Valley - Plage de Ghignu:

Calvi - Centuri - Marciana Marina/Elba - Porto Azzurro/Elba: