Fotos: Werner Leidinger 2016
Fotos: Werner Leidinger 2016

A DEHLER Sprinta 70, built 1981


Total length: 7,00m (23')              Displacement/weight: ca. 1500kg                       Outboard motor power: 6 HP

Total width: 2,45m                           Ballast: 500kg (stable keel)                                     Sails: 27sqm (Main+Genoa)/20sqm (Main+Jib)

Draft: 1,25m                                        Mast height: 9,5m                                                          more...


AmaJuta, former Miss Illy,  came into my life after I returned from a longer journey in the south Pacific.

Back home at Lake Constance, I planned to get my very own sailing boat for traveling and to create a little "nautical handicraft project" which should develop from journey to journey. After almost half a year of searching, I bumped into HER on the other lake shore and one week later she was mine.

Fulfilling all my expected features: affordable, seaworthy, easy single-handling, functional interior/exterior layout, transportable with little effort and a bit good looking* too.


                                                                                                                                                                                                  *As beauty is in the eye of the beholder



At the very beginning:


The outer and inner appearance change and "becoming Swiss": April 2014 at Esaom cantieri navali di Portoferraio - an Easter handicraft holiday


Some technical improvement and added equipment ("give me some tools and a sail boat on a shipyard and I'm happy!"):